Come, Follow Me

Published November 2016 (Barbour)

365  COMFORTING MESSAGES from the One who knows your name.

I go before you today. I fight for you today. And I carry you today. Trust me child. I will show you the way out of the desert. Follow Me wholeheartedly…I love you.

These 365 readings will help you grow your faith and connect you to the heavenly Father as you’ve never been before. Each day of the year, you will encounter a moving, blessings-filled reading that has powerful potential to impact your life.


My Texas

Published May 2015 (Prufrock Press)

My Texas is an exciting new way to learn about the great Lone Star State! So much more than a fact-filled reference, My Texas is an educational experience. From early Native American cultures to modern-day living, My Texas provides an interactive medium for students to explore Texas history. With interactive lessons that include map building, fun games, puzzles, and creative activities to engage students, My Texas appeals to all learners. A textbook/workbook all in one, My Texas is a comprehensive social studies curriculum aligned with state standards that teaches and entertains at the same time. Designed with the learner in mind, My Texas is treasure chest of knowledge for both teachers and students!