Precious Child,

I am Peace.

Loving me, the Lord your God, and yielding your heart to mine, sweet one is why I made you. This one relationship is what brings you rest in a love-draining world that seeks your allegiance. Walking with me today pushes the seekers away and makes room for my calming touch.

Keeping my commands and holding fast to me child, brings a heavenly rest that helps you stay on the path of righteousness. Serving me with all your heart and with all your soul drives away confusion. The world builds up altars of rebellion because they don’t know me or know of the great things I have done for you. Go and tell them, child.

When I move, my power causes the earth to shake, clouds to pour down rain, and mountains to tremble. In your weakness, feel this same strength rise inside you. When you feel like the least out of many, know that I am with you to hold your head high and make you like a mighty warrior.

The world boasts of its own ability. The people rule over each other and they have forsaken me. Oh, how they need to hear from you, child. They need to hear what you have to tell them about me.

Today, child, remember that I’m not sending you alone. I am with you and will open up the hollow places of life to provide you with an endless supply of living water so you will be strengthened. Go out into the world in my peace and know with everything that’s in you that I have appointed and approved your journey. I am so proud of you.

Joshua 22:5; Judges 6:24; Judges 18:6



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