Piece 14-Bread of Life

We all want something. More money. Cheaper gas. Restored health. On the spiritual side of things, our hearts might even long to see prodigal family members return home to the open arms of Christ. The desire that we may have for these things is satisfied in the next gift Jesus has for us to unwrap. In our pouch of 30 Pieces we now pull out one marked BREAD of LIFE. This treaure of holy food satisfies all of our earthly and spiritual appetites. Jesus said, “I am the bread of life. Your forefathers ate the manna in the desert, yet they died. I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry.”

The Israelites learned about this in the desert when they we so hungry that their minds seemingly stopped thinking about truth. God had set them free the bondages in Egypt, but instead of praise coming from their lips, a venomous complaint poured over the Sinai sand and into the ears of Moses and Aaron. “If only we had died by the Lord’s hand in Egypt! There we sat around pots of meat and ate all the food we wanted, but you have brought us out into this desert to starve this entire assembly to death.” (Exodus 16) My initial reaction: “Are you serious? You were just liberated from bondage. How can you wish you were dead?” And then I look in the mirror and see that I am just like them. I find myself worrying (and complaining) about life’s problems and how God’s going to solve them, even though Jesus tells me not to worry. When we worry, we are telling God that where He has us doesn’t measure up to the way we think things should be.

Despite the Israelites complaint, God showered them with His unending grace in the form of manna. Fast forward to John’s gospel. There Jesus says,”I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Whoever eats this bread will live forever. This bread is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.”

In Exodus, Moses and Aaron also received instructions from God about the first Passover meal. Part of the meal was “bread made without yeast.” This was to symbolize the haste in which the Israelites fled Egypt. Jesus instituted the Last Supper on the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread! And we can’t forget that when Jesus fed the 5,000, He took five loaves of bread and not only fed the masses but had twelve baskets with the leftovers.

It’s as if Jesus is saying that we should strive to live ‘unleavened’ lives. He knows we would be better off not filling our days with worldly possessions that make us feel full only to leave us wanting more. Jesus is our daily and eternal provision, but even better, He is our Bread of Life…the end toward which we run; in His presence alone is where we are completely satisfied. Our lives filled with Jesus become like the miracle on the hill where our Lord blesses us beyond what we could ever dream of.


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