Piece #2 – Job Security

The second of thirty pieces we pull from the gift pouch that Jesus has given us is labeled JOB SECURITY. Times are tough. Unemployment has affected many and for others it lurks around the next corner. The second important reminds us that our real job in life is officially called Fisher of Men. In this role, we know that we will never get laid off and that our earnings are eternal. There are no stock market crashes or bad investments in Heaven.

Jesus said, “Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19) Telling people about Jesus is to reel their hearts close to Him. Telling people about Jesus and making them disciples is our simple but Earth-changing job description. (Matthew 28:19) The Bible is our employee handbook that emboldens us to pursue this new career path with the same zeal as a man who fished the same sea of souls over 400 years ago. Martin Luther, the man from Germany known for nailing his ninety-five theses to a Wittenberg chapel door, had a ‘performance review’ of sorts with a groups of judges who were trying to convict him of heresy.

Luther said, “What I read in the Scriptures is truth-for no church leader, council, king, or emperor, all of whom are fallible men, can tell me otherwise…my conscience is bound and held captive by these Scriptures and the Word of God….”  We need to follow Jesus. He alone will make us men and women who boldy share the gospel. Like Luther, we too will proclaim what our Savior did on the cross as the greatest story needed to be told.

The apostle Paul understood the gift of real job security as he went from  persecutor to full time evangelist. Paul made tents to pay the bills, but after following Jesus on the road to Damascus, the tent making wasn’t where he put his focus. Whether we are truck drivers, teachers, brain surgeons, or _______, our responsibilty has to be on telling other people about Jesus. Our current occupation is not our security. Jesus is!

“It has alwalys been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known.” Paul wrote these to the church in Rome and it is a perfect mission statement for us today. Remember, this doesn’t have to mean the unreached people groups in Ghana (although for some, it might!). The gospel might not be known in your employee lounge or, as in Luther’s case, your church. When we follow Jesus, He will make the opportunities to be a witness for His story plentiful. Our job is to obey.

Let us fight against the temptation that the world offers: “You already have a job. It’s secure. Leave that evangelizing stuff for someone else.” Dear friend, God has you in your current job to be a light for someone who works alongside you. The gift of eternal job security will make your heart cry out in praise as you see the fruits of your labor.


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