Weeks Full of Sunday

I sought the Lord, and he answered me; He delivered me from all my fears. Psalm 34:4

Everything is good on Sunday. Church is an oasis offering living water. We can’t wait to get there. A powerful sermon and the worship songs give us a slice of heaven right here on earth. We don’t want it to end, but it does. By Sunday night, everything feels good; our spiritual batteries are full. We say our prayers, fall asleep and wake up to find Monday staring at us, threatening to steal our passion.

King David made a bold proclamation when he said the Lord delivered him from all his fears. Did you catch that? Not most of them. Not all fears but one. A-L-L of them were conquered. Jesus taught us to seek His kingdom and when we do we will find what we were looking for. David was ‘a man after God’s own heart’ so it would be wise to heed his advice. He reminds us, above all, to seek the Lord and your prayers will be answered.

I believe that heaven will be a never ending week of Sundays. Only with God’s help, we can turn each day into Sunday. When Monday comes, seek God. When the doubting comes, thank God. With the Lord’s power, turn your week days into days of worship. You’ll be delivered back to Sunday again and again. And whatever happens, you will not be afraid because of who and what you sought!

When the tempter of life tells you, “Sunday is great but life demands pain and sacrifice,” you say, “Jesus died on the cross to save me!”  When the tempter says, “Do what you want, church doesn’t pay the bills,” you say, “No way. Jesus left his throne to pay the only debt that truly counts!”

Lord Jesus, thank you for loving us! We praise your mighty name! Please help us seek you and take all of our tomorrows and turn them into weeks full of Sunday.


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