There are three questions whose answers will help reenergize you as you press on through the week. 1. Why are you so important to God? 2. Why is it so important you realize that as a child of God you have a mighty responsibility? 3. Why you? The world with its busyness and chaotic schedules threatens your heart and makes it easy to believe the devil’s lies that you are not special in the eyes of God.

Why are you so important? You are made in the image of God. From the beginning of time, God knew your name. He loves you so much, He sent his only Son to save you. He wants you be like Jesus. He wants you to see His truth with the clearest of eyes. God wants to make the things that are important to Him, important to you and gave you His word, our source of truth on these matters (2 Timothy 3:16,17).

Now the Creator of the universe didn’t just make you to go to church on Sundays or to hustle through your daily routine.  So, why is it vital that you realize you have a mighty responsibility? God wants you to tell the world the Good News of Jesus and be bold about it. Don’t worry, He will open the doors and give you the right words to say. Your spiritual responsibility has eternity’s stamp on it and there are people close to you that need to hear the gospel.

Why you? Because God said so! Jesus wants us to be like him. He even said that we would go on to greater things than he did. That one is hard for me to wrap my mind around, but I believe it in faith because we serve a holy Father who does not say something he doesn’t mean. God loves His Son and sent him into to the world “to proclaim freedom for the prisoners…” (Luke 4:18). God loves you too and wants you to help set the prisoners free.

May God keep you safe and fill your heart with His perfect love.



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