Out of Control

My family is blessed to be a part of a Home Group from church made up of awesome people who love talking about Jesus. This past week, we talked about the importance of not just reading the Bible, but obeying it! Not just knowing the stories, but living the life Jesus has called us to live.

Here’s what we came up with: we need to get out of control and let Jesus get in control of our lives. The fifth chapter of Luke’s gospel has a perfect example of what this looks like. Jesus was standing near a lake preaching the word of God, when he noticed two empty boats that had been left “at the water’s edge.” Jesus told Simon to take his boat back out and let down the nets. Simon reply? I’ve been fishing my whole life, Jesus. There’s no fish today. I know what I’m doing. Trust me. We’ll try again tomorrow. Actually, that’s a loose paraphrase. But, there’s more! The last thing Simon told the Lord is the response I want to give Jesus when He gives me a command: “But, because you say so. I will let down the nets.”

Jesus, because you say that if we truly love you, than we will be like Simon and obey your commands (John 14:15). What happens when we do that? What happens when we get out of control and let Jesus get in? We won’t just complete the race, we will be blessed beyond understanding. That’s exactely what happened to Simon and his fishing mates: “they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break.” 

Remember those two empty boats at the beginning of the story? After Jesus took control of one obedient life, both boats were filled with fish and were so full they began to sink. That’s what obeying the Lord looks like. It looks like out of control mercy and grace…they way our Father intended it to be from the beginning.



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