Occupy Heaven

I’d love to start the following campaign: Occupy Heaven. Instead of the 99%-1% figures on current signs, we will put 100% on ours (as in, we will follow 100% of what Jesus commands and not just the parts that make us feel better; as in, Jesus gave 100% of Himself to save us; as in, We Are the Ones Ready to Give 100% of Ourselves back to God for His Glory). We’ll start by camping out in our respective churches this Sunday and protest against our very lives-namely, those parts that we’ve been holding onto for dear life, afraid to let God do what He wants with them. Our protests will sound like beautiful songs lifted to the Father as we worship Him for all that He has done for us! We’ll commit to raise our hands high as we reach for that glorious place WE WILL one day occupy. When strangers come up to us and ask what we’re trying to accomplish, we’ll boldly proclaim the Good News. And since Jesus didn’t stop just short of the cross, we too won’t stop until the gospel and name of Jesus Christ is heard in every nation. Finally, during those times we spend in silence, waiting for our Savior to return, we will thank God for his amazing grace. Who’s with me?


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