Kingdom Files

This interactive non-fiction collection includes exciting biographies on the lives of Jesus, Mary, David, Jonah, Daniel and Esther!

IMAGINE Fiction Series

Bible-based adventures for kids who love to imagine what it would be like to live during epic times in history!

Adult Devotions

Spend your daily quiet time with Jesus. Come, Follow Me contains 365 days of inspiration as you are reminded just how much you matter to God!

What readers are saying:


As an adult I have loved this entire series thus far and so have our kids. You can let your children read this without being concerned as to inappropriate content, bad language etc. There is NONE!

-Richard and Liz, Top 1000 Amazon Review


Just what I’ve been searching for! Very impressed with the writing, illustrations, and Biblically sound narrative. As for the person who gave this one star, the writer fully disclosed that he purposefully chose to not describe murders, adultery, and other heavy topics, simply because of the intended audience. The vague word choice around these topics allows the kids to understand that yes, someone sinned, but focuses more on the overall thematic lesson. Not all young children can handle learning about murders and such. These books are the perfect bridge between children’s story book Bibles and the actual Bible.

-Christopher Maulucci, 5-star Amazon review